A Leader in Motion Sensor Trash Cans

Nine Stars Motion Sensor Touchless Automatic Trash Cans

The cleaner, easier way to do trash!

  • Create a germ free, odor free, bacteria free environment. There will be no cross contamination to worry about when you're preparing chicken, meat and any other foods.

Featuring a patented infrared sensor technology that detects movement within 10 inches, triggering the lid to open and close automatically. With advances made in the twice closing mechanism our lids close silently and efficiently. Our trash can lids are made from ABS plastic that will not crack, warp or change color and shut securely to trap food odors for a clean fresh environment.

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  • Our stainless steel trash cans combines state of the art infrared technology with the highest quality commercial grade 304 stainless steel; so there is no need to worry about rust or water damage.

Each trash can is battery operated and will run for more than 10,000 opening and closing cycles, before batteries need replacing. A one year warranty covers the lids of the infrared trash cans.

  • Need a replacement part no problem, Nine Stars can replace the part you need for your stainless steel or plastic Motion Sensor Trash Can.

Turn an every-day chore into something fun, even your children will be happy to help clean up! In addition, our hands free touch free automatic trash can will out-last the traditional foot pedal step-on and manual trash cans that can break with the wear and tear of every day use. This may be the last trash can you will ever purchase. Models available in Stainless Steel and Plastic.

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